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"Seán’s simple and practical techniques work. I was single when Seán showed me one simple body language technique, designed to work on a sub-conscious level, that had the most dramatic effect on men. So much so, that one man I’d known and liked for years, with whom nothing ever happened, changed his whole attitude to me after I tried this technique. And now we’re married!"

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"I have felt so empowered and inspired to be myself, to connect and be emotionally reconciled to who I really am and this is helping me so much with my dating."

British businesswoman

"Seán's work is so provoking and fascinating and he gives you the essential tools you need for improving your dating skills and your life as a whole. He's amazing!"

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Who Is Seán Brickell?

There are not many things that dating & relationship coach, speaker and media commentator Seán Brickell has not experienced emotionally - either directly or indirectly!

From his own experiences - the emotional rollercoaster of delightful and even delicious relationships to the heartbreak of bad and broken ones - to coaching others to get into, to get out of and to get along with their relationships, he has seen most things.

Heck! Seán's even once experienced a full blown swingers' an undercover investigative reporter for a national newspaper!

And this, coupled with his insights into and his studies of confidence and communication, helps his give people like you very practical, non-cheesy and very real solutions to create an emotional life that strengthens you rather than shatters your you can make the right choices whether or not you have found the right person.

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Seán is regularly asked to appear on TV, the radio and in print & online publications talking about confidence & communication and self-development, as you can see here...

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